Steven Taylor leaves NUFC

Steven Taylor has left NUFC after turning down a 1 year incentive based contract.

Making his debut against Mallorca in 2004, Taylor went on to make a further 215 appearences for Newcastle United scoring 13 goals.

Despite being a loyal servant to NUFC it was clear his time was coming to an end, it’s time to rebuild for the future and Taylor certainly wasn’t the man for the job.

Rafa Benitez to block sale of players

It has been reported that Rafa Benitez will be given complete control over who stays at the club, denying star players the chance to leave.

I’m pleased about this because I was worried that Andros Townsend would be snapped up by another club, I believe he is one of the best English players in the game at the moment.

I wouldn’t be as worried about Sissoko being sold, I don’t think he performs as well as he should.  Saying that, I believe in the Championship he could look like a Yaya Toure if he put his mind to it.

It’s a positive step by NUFC as a whole, reverting back to the manager being in control of transfers.

NUFC relegated

Last week I was full of optimism for NUFC following our win against Crystal Palace, especially when they missed a penalty.  But now I am preparing myself for our return to the Championship, because with 1 game left we have to hope Sunderland lose both their games and we smash the current second best team in the country.

If we somehow manage to get a result against Spurs we still have to rely on Sunderland losing their final two games, which I cannot see happening.  Our fate was in our hands, had we won against Villa we’d have at least stayed ahead of SAFC and given ourself a chance.

All we can hope now is that Benitez falls completely in love with Newcastle, and wants to stay to rebuild the club from bottom to top.  If Benitez does stay then it is a positive out of what has been a dreadful season, he could be the future of a Newcastle United that we all want and need.

NUFC v Aston Villa

Can NUFC pull off another win today against Aston Villa?

Personally I believe it will be a tough game for Newcastle, Benitez knows this as the opposition won’t have any stress upon them and will want to perform at home.  We need to get 3 points that is for sure, if we don’t we are as good as relegated because last game of season is a definite defeat.

NUFC need to come out fighting, put pressure on the Villa knowing the fans will get on their players backs.  It’s a fantastic strategy to play, involve fans who have been very harsh against their team.  If we don’t come out the blocks we will allow them to gain a little confidence, which this season has been their downfall.

Benitez has galvanised the club, dropped players that McClaren would never have contemplated dropping.  To me on the outside, I thought Shelvey was pivotal to the team but in reality he has been a large part of the problem.  Sissoko has impressed me too, hopefully today he will be at his very best, demolishing the villians.

Rafa Benitez becomes NUFC manager

Well blow me over with a feather, how on earth has NUFC pulled off this coup?

Rafa Benitez is without doubt one of the best managers in Europe, his previous job was with Real Madrid for goodness sake, so why has he walked into the poisoned chalice that is Newcastle United.

He must see something within the team, and the club, that he believes he can work with, but what exactly has he seen.  It’s no secret that we’ve been diabolical as a team this season, despite having a very talented squad, he has to believe he can get those players firing. It will be interesting to see how he approaches the game against Leicester, we’ll be able to see into his thinking.