NUFC Takeover

If true it’s an exciting prospect should the buyer be both rich and willing to plough money into the club, however, could we end up with another Mike Ashley?

It’s no secret Mike Ashley is out of his depth, when he bought the club he most probably genuinely believed he could compete, but within a few month the owners of Man City changed the landscape forever.  Back in 2007/08 the biggest transfer fee in the Premier League was £16.5m for Darren Bent, but average was around £8m which he could have easily coped with, then came the Robinho and Berbatov transfers both in excess of £30m.

My point is the landscape is changing rapidly, and we may not attract someone who we actually want at the helm of the club, just think Venkys at Blackburn.  They could come here with a personal fortune of £5bn, but will that be enough in 2018 to launch a bid for Champions League football?  Bearing in mind the club needs over £200m invested to catch up to teams coasting in the league.

NUFC is an attractive business, it has a massive following with a fantastic stadium, and the potential to grow is huge because we have one of the best managers in the world.  Now imagine we get a faceless group who purchase the club, with the sole intention of making money because that is what they do, we could end up with an even worse scenario than we did before.