NUFC 2017

At present it is a worrying time for NUFC fans, we seem to have handed the Championship title to Brighton and allowed Huddersfield the chance to push for 2nd place.  It’s a nervy finish to what has been a season of frustration, both on and off the pitch, which is exactly what we don’t need.

Looking at the stats for 2017, NUFC have played 18 games but only won 9 of them, in total dropping 21 points from those games.  For a team fighting to get into the Premiership that is an awful statistic, if we can’t beat times down here then how on earth can we compete should we win promotion.

It makes me wonder whether Rafa Benitez has lost interest in Newcastle, and his head has been turned by another club, bearing in mind he has been stripped of full control in the transfer market.  This could explain the dramatic drop in form, and our inability to beat teams who are hoping to be mid table at most.

I worry that Rafa knew what was coming in the January transfer window, and has decided it is game over at the end of the season, why would such a top manager be treated so poorly.